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"You're Unfrogettable"


This card is a parting gift from my beloved team. (Catherine, I know you made it)

This post is dedicated to my team at Cisco. I put a lot of my passion and care into building and being part of a great team during my time at Cisco, eight amazing years between 2012 to 2020. It was the privilege of a lifetime to be able to learn from and mentor an amazing group of people while building a product together.

Our memories work in a fascinating way. At Cisco, I put most of my working hours on actual work such as understanding and sharing project scope, designing and building solutions, responding to customer support requests, interviewing, presenting, etc. But just after four months, now that I think about my time at Cisco, none of the actual work takes the centre stage in my memory. Instead, the memory is filled with incredible life stories I heard during the short walks I took at the park for one:one meetings, or relaxed and often-long Friday lunches, or giving someone a safe space when they felt vulnerable. It’s a reminder that when it’s all done and dusted - what remains is the people and relationships we build with them. I’m so glad to get this card in the mail after I left and I’ll forever remember this kind gesture.

What better can a man wish for than being “unfrogettable”?