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Where to Learn: 10 Ways I Do


When talking to people, I’m always interested to know how they learn. This image above shows a view of how I personally learn. Here’s some context about the items on the diagram:

  1. Online-courses: I love O’Reilly learning. Their video courses are split into 5 minute lectures. For example, I took their Kotlin course to learn the language.
  2. Books: Books are great for curated content, but it takes dedicated time. Most of the time, I have one book that I read. Current interest is on leadership and business.
  3. Hands-on: A lot of people learn by doing. I do the same, but mostly at a hello world level instead of going too deep into new things.
  4. Podcasts: This is my most passive form of learning, mostly when I’m walking or driving.
  5. People: I keep in touch with people and ask them about what they are learning.
  6. Twitter: I admit, I spend too much time on Twitter. But occasionally, people share interesting things.
  7. YouTube videos: I watch conference talks such as InfoQ, DotNet, Rails, Ruby, Goto, and AWS.
  8. News: I follow Hacker News mostly for tech and business news. And then there’s following stock market news about new business innovations.
  9. Interviews: I watch inteview shows on YouTube as I’m a big fan of biographical content.
  10. Open-source: I follow a bunch of open-source projects or just read code from time to time to learn about how the passionate and expert developers craft code.