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Here’s a personal story about getting a feedback. For context, English is my second language. I grew up speaking Bangla as my primary language. I learned reading and writing English in school - grammar first. I had only started speaking English much later in my life, in my mid-twenties. So, I often struggle with the informal form of the language. With this context, here’s an excerpt of a one:one chat conversation at work (from memory):

Catherine: Sohan, I have a question when you have time.
Me: Shoot me.
Catherine: Haha. It’s not “shoot me”. I think you mean just “shoot”. When you say “shoot me” it means…

In this case, Catherine genuinely cared and had the courage to share this feedback about my improper use of English. I love getting such direct and timely feedback.

Here, I’m sharing links to some content that I found to be high quality resources to learn about feedback. Hope you’ll enjoy.

  1. Radical Candor Talk - The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss
  2. Podcast: How to Get Feedback From Your Boss
  3. Podcast: Take Feedback Like A Boss
  4. Podcast: How to Give Feedback To Your Boss
  5. Book chapter: Max up Candor: A Circle of Feedback