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Since I commonly work with a diverse group of people, this post is a way for me to broadcast some quick tricks that may help our working relationship. When we work together, let’s do this:

Trust is only earned when it’s mutual. Let’s work with this shared belief.

Context is everything. Most importantly, show me why we need to work on something. If the answer isn’t clear in your mind, we can work together to build a crisp context.

Solutions for problems you’re raising. Ideally, you’ve already thought about a few solutions with some measure of feasibility for each, and you come with an open mind. I know you care about the problem only if you spent some time thinking about a few solutions.

Clarity between your evidence and assumptions. Assumptions are often essential to move ahead, but treating assumptions as evidence can be harmful.

Output is the focus, our egos aren’t. That said, let’s be mutually respectful.

Time is managed. Let’s manage our expectations given the time we have. Blaming the shortage of time shows a lack of skill.

Writing is a great thought exercise and good write-up scales infinitely. Let’s write and rewrite our thoughts, specially when we’re unclear about those.

Standup comedies, biography, soccer, politics, investment, tech, leadership, Netflix, movies, and similar topics are cool. Sorry, not much of a Hockey or Basket Ball fan. Mostly a passive music listener and happy to listen whatever is on radio or a YouTube playlist.

If you have a similar list, I’d be happy to read and respect it. Please send along.