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50 Miles!

In my previous post about the 100 Miles Challenge, I shared my goal to complete a 100 mile run in 50 days. And I’m happy to reach the 50 Miles milestone on day 24, happened this Saturday! 46 Miles to go now, but the target sure looks reachable from here.

I changed a few things on my end. After running for the first couple of weeks, I found my legs weren’t feeling great. So, I decided to swap 700 metres of swimming as a replacement for 2 miles of running on some days. It takes me about 20 minutes to complete the 700 metres swim, and as a bonus, I get to take Shopoth for a swim lesson. So far, I’ve been going to Crowfoot YMCA for swimming, which is a nice 15 min walk from my home, or just a 3 minute drive. And they have open lanes pretty much any time of the day, making it quite convenient.

About running, I’m following a stepped pattern of speed on the trademill as shown in the following graph:

This pattern helps me since I can slow down to catch a breathe and then get back to speed, allowing the whole 2M run to finish under 20 minutes.

So far the act of running and swimming without a partner is not feeling weird anymore. Still early to declare victory, but I’ m genuinely feeling really excited internally. Will report back once I’m done with my 100 miles, hopefully in the next 3 weeks time.

A few people showed some interest in participating in the 100 miles challenge, including Mo Khan, and I’m hoping to see some adoption in the near future. Even if that doesn’t happen, thank you for wishing me good luck. Insipiration matters, both intrinsic and extrinsic.