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100 Miles in 50 Days Challenge

Weightloss is a tough chase. I’ve attempted many times and failed.

5K Run

Here’s a photo of day 2, when I ran my first 5K in years.

Last year I decided to change the focus. Instead of aiming for weightloss, I started aiming for a better lifestyle. To some extent, that worked. But I can’t say it really made a big difference of any sort.

I always thought I was a team sport person and hated doing anything only by myself, so much so that, I need a partner even for swimming. After an introspection, I realized that, this is not gonna work, and things needed to change if I really wanted a better lifestyle.

In came the Treadmill. A second hand, barely used, Livestrong treadmill on a discount price of $400 (new one costs $1,700). Having this in the basement, overlooking the wall mounted TV, makes it such a big difference. Specially in a place like Calgary, where a lot of preparation is required to set foot out of the door in the winter months.

After I bought the Treadmill in October 2013, I ran my first 100 miles on it in the next 4 months, running 2 miles on each session. It felt so good every time I completed the 2 miles. The confidence found from this first 100 miles shapes my next goal.

Run 100 miles in 50 day challenge

Today is day 4. I’ve completed 9 miles or 9% so far. Hoping to report back once I’ve reached 50%.

Hope this gets you started if you are thinking about a change and like taking a challenge. If you are taking this challenge, let’s team up and keep each other motivated along the way.