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Whats Coming in MvcMailer NuGet 1.0?

Thanks to 365+ downloads of the MvcMailer NuGet before it hit version 1.0 and now its time to wrap up the NuGet package for an official first release. I got several encouraging feedback on this package and here’s what you get from this first release:
  1. Use Scaffold Mailer to generate your mailers with views.
  2. Compose rich emails using your favorite ASP.NET MVC view engine.
  3. Use master pages and pass data using ViewData/ViewBag.
  4. Send multi-part emails for both text and html email readers.
  5. Put images inline so that they are visible even when email client is offline.
  6. Write unit test for your mailers and controllers that use the mailers.
  7. Send attachments.
  8. Send emails asynchronously.
To my knowledge, MvcMailer is gonna be the first full stack ActionMailer like Emailing library for ASP.NET MVC 3. If you are an ASP.Net MVC programmer who deeply care about high quality work and maximizing efficiency - you gotta try MvcMailer 1.0 for writing pretty email sending code.
The github wiki page has everything you will need to know about MvcMailer. Version 1.0 comes out on Monday. Stay tuned.