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2011: Yet Another New Year

Dear Readers:
Happy 2011. 2010 was a great year. Why?

  • Defended my MSc thesis after a moderate 16 months of grad school life.
  • Published 3 papers in 3 international conferences.
  • Visited 4 new countries - Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
  • Visited a few interesting cities - Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton.
  • 100+ posts on
  • 25,000+ visits to my two blogs from all over the world.
  • Developed a fresh new app, Plexina Central, for Wairever Inc.
  • Lived a healthy life.
  • Bought my first (98 Corolla) and second (2000 CR-V) cars (also sold my first car)!
To live up to this standard, 2011 is surely challenged by 2010. Let’s see how 2011 rolls: To give you a heads up, I am joining ThoughtWorks as a Consultant on January 4th!
However, 2010 was the only year in my life when I didn’t see my parents and siblings. I hope, 2011 does a better job in this regard. It is getting essential now.
This is how I look at the close of 2010
And I want to look leaner at the close of 2011 or even before that :(