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Ruby on Rails Interview Questions: Advanced

In my previous post, I listed a few general interview questions for Ruby on Rails jobs. This one is intended to be more of an advanced level, not for the rookies :-)

  1. What is Rack?
  2. Sketch out a deployment architecture of a Ruby on Rails application utilizing multiple servers.
  3. How can you secure a rails application to counter for Session Fixation?
  4. Where can I get the core rails framework source code?
  5. How can you reuse the models from one rails project into another?
  6. Explain one plugin that you extracted out of your source code.
  7. What is the difference between pre-initializers and initializers?
  8. How can you easily switch your logger to use Log4r?
  9. How would you design the logging standard for your rails application?
  10. How can you implement asynchronous messaging in Rails?
  11. What will you do to look for a possible memory leak in Rails application?
  12. How can you run a profiler?
  13. What is lambda?
  14. What is Proc? When did you use this?
  15. How can you use before and after callbacks of your rails methods to halt a database insert/update/delete?
  16. How can you reuse your before and after callback methods across multiple models?
  17. Define an architecture to store files uploaded to an application so that they are only accessible to valid users.
  18. How would you change your asset storage to use a static server?
  19. Explain one situation when you used rails caching.
  20. What kinds of caching comes in-built with Rails?
  21. Can you explain the use of ‘dynamic’ features of Ruby on the core Rails framework?
  22. How can you call a SOAP web service from a rails application?
  23. Your application needs to send a lot of email notifications. How would you design the notification so that the end user doesn’t get stuck for email sending delays?
  24. What is a mongrel cluster?
  25. Can you explain if the clusters share a same memory? Can one cluster handle a request from a client that was handled by another?
  26. How would you internationalize your application interface?
  27. How can you create a rails generator?
  28. Have you ever used a polymorphic association?
  29. How can you define a plugin that adds a new class method to ActiveRecord::Base?
  30. What are the three most significant changes in Rails 3 in your eyes?
  31. How can you implement complex reporting using ruby on rails?
I am sure this list will go on and on. But I have found most people asking questions about scalability, deployment issues, security and such architectural level questions to extract out the in-depth understanding of such core concepts. Where to learn more on such advanced stuffs? Ruby on Rails Guides and Stack Overflow are my favorite places. However, its good to keep an eye on the edge rails to see what’s happening today! 



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