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A New Home at Calgary and Starting Days

We relocated to the northwest section of Calgary, Alberta on the 26th August. I am new to this part of the world and traveling to this opposite time zone (GMT+6 to GMT-6) took around 33 hours. Did you ever take a flight on Qatar? Not? I recommend it. They offer best foods for your south asian delight. My route was Dhaka - Doha - London - Calgary. I enjoyed the trip (don’t tell anyone, I was a bit scared when traveling over the Atlantic :-))

The city of Calgary is really eye soothing green during this season. The little homes and lawns look fabulous in my eyes. People here celebrate the summer in style, you will see large family camping vans every now and then. So far the people here are also very friendly and welcoming towards new comers. It has been a good experience and hopefully coming days will be even better!

On the 4th, I attended the graduate orientation program and met a lot of people. It was nice to know that the University of Calgary is equipped with all amenities required for an excellent graduate education. I am looking forward to use my free pass to the swimming pool! It’ll be fun!

I met my supervisor, Frank, and also people at my Lab. My next duty will be to select a topic for my research by the end of this year. But the earlier it is selected, the better it is. Let me know if you have a good idea on your heads around agile software process/tools or digital tabletops.

My upcoming posts will be a mix of my graduate studies and my software related works. Also, I will be TAing and wish to share some of my teaching experience as well. Stay tuned!


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