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Rambling Stories From My Days @ Code71 : My Takehome

Today is going to be my last day with the Code71 team and this is the last post of the series on my Code71 days.

The journey started on June 1, 2006 and now at this moment, I just wanted to summarize my takehome from the last three years’ of work. I will go short, just touching the bits…
Teaming is at the core of Code71’s culture. It went beyond teaming just for software development as we met outside for a movie, celebrated even the smallest of personal achievements and shared the excitement of a cricket or tennis match even at midnight from home over phone!
Planning and adapting practice. I have gone through aprroximately 70 sprint planning and 50 sprint retrospect sessions at work. But this scrum habit of inspect and adapt has been engrossed in my personal life as well. I try to maintain a written to-do list with deadlines and look back at times.
Continuous learning. As I worked on different technologies (.Net/RoR) and different domains (Financial/Vehicle dealership/Project management/Web community), I learned to grab new concepts. I developed a learning attitude towards solving a problem and realizing an opportunity.
Happy memories are great as takehome gifts and I feel blessed to have a large array of such memories. Helping the team growing and maturing towards best-practices is itself a happy feeling. And there are those great memories with seeing a start-up client making millions, getting gift card from happy clients on new year… and of course the team meets at the Code71 dining.
I will end with a few thanks note here. Thanks to Nimat and Syed for believing in my competence and giving me the opportunity to work, lead and learn. (I am really sorry that the I had to turn down the L-1 offer, it really was too late!). Thanks to all of my teammates for your ever smiling faces and support. Thanks to Omar, my first mentor at Code71, for introducing me to the basics and the pathway to continuous learning. A special thanks to Sohel, our office assistant, for his ever enthusiastic service and care. Wishing best of luck to Shaer and his team, you will take the company to the next height inshaAllah.

I am going to graduate school at University of Calgary, Canada this fall to start my MS under Prof. Frank Maurer and looking forward to it. I hope my experience at Code71 will help me in my future life and who knows, may be someday I will again be a part of the Code71 team!