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Lesson#1: Going Incremental Is Natural!

As Scrum and Agile processes tell you, do it in small sprints, 2 weeks preferably, and go incremental. Take a small piece at a time and sprint.


I took this image from internet and credits to this site.

It’s easy to work out the Natural way than to defy it! If you are iterative and incremental, you are reaching towards the right hand side of the image! And to make the evolution faster, I suggest you try out Scrumming with ScrumPad. If you value “teaming” and “delivering” in sprints, ScrumPad will give you the oxygen to breathe while you sprint!

I suggest you follow a routine to iterate. At Code71, we follow the below-

Day 1: Plan for the next 9 days. Breakdown work items into smaller tasks, estimate at hours for each of the tasks and assign each task to an individual.

Day 8: Release in test server (shadow version of the real production environment) and collect customer feedback.

Day 9: Work on customer feedback and go live in production server. Always tag the version that is put in the production following the standard -


This gives us the rollback point when there is any issue in the latest production deploy. Of course, we make sure we do not need to touch on the tags too often!

How are you sprinting? Let me know if you have a suggestion.


Very helpful post for the beginner who want to learn about Scrum. In Code71 we are using ScrumPad from it's 2nd sprint. It helps us to speed up our project work as well as follow the Scrum. Also collaboration part is very helpful to communicate with clients specially for the team who work remotely.
Good post.I think incremental development process plays a pivotal role over waterfall in software industry(for most of our regular projects) nowadays.