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Juggernaut on Linux

I just installed Juggernaut on my linux box. The installation is simpler than windows. At least it gave me less pain.

Just run the following commands-

  1. gem install json
  2. gem install activemachine
  3. gem install juggernaut
  4. juggernaut –g juggernaut.yml
  5. juggernaut –c juggernaut.yml

I got a little pain regarding the g++ compiler that is required to build the activemachine. I did not have it installed in my Amazon EC2 instance and after some searches, I could install it using the following-

apt-get install g++


Well, it was fine if I could end here! However, I found that this installation stopped my MySQL service and changed the /etc/mysql/my.cnf file. So, an attempt to start the MySQL was successful only after I removed the # comment from the line log_bin = blah blah blah…

So, if you are using Redhat Enterprise 5.0, you may find it useful. If you are using Amazon EC2, you will find it useful too. I do not know about other distros, but may be something similar will be there (at least hopefully)!