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IMPACTing for Agile Software Development

Well, next time on a dev job interview when someone asks you the question, Can you give us a brief idea on agile software development engineering practices?”, you are probably gonna laugh on your mind and just answer, “IMPACT!”. Yes, this is it, compact and right on target!

Today, I came up with this acronym about agile engineering practices and I think its a nice one :-)

IMPACT can be elaborated as follows-

I for Iterative and Incremental Development
M for Merciless Continuous Refactoring
P for Peer Code Reviews
A for Automated Acceptance Tests
C for Continuous Integration
T for Test Driven Development

For all you agile folks out there, I hope this IMPACT makes sense to you! I have found many people to take agile as a panacea and start getting skeptical as soon as they feel the heat in real life. Well, we all know, there is no free lunch! So, lets get our feet on track and do the first things first.

What are the first things? The answer is, IMPACT, if you really want to create a positive impact out of agile methods.

Comments are welcome!


Alexander Beletsky
I really liked the idea of Impact :) nicely done!
Thanks for sharing your idea. I also think peer reviews are applicable to design and user stories.
Good one. I like it. Maybe ‘P’ should stand for Peer review of stories/design/code, and not just code.