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JQuery - I Will Consider Using It in My Future Web Project

I find the problems with cross-browser issues with Javascript to be bothering at times. Also, I am most annoyed with Javascript because, with Javascript, I need to think about another programming language along with my server side programming. I have a feeling that Javascript codes make the web application harder to test using various automated test frameworks and adds complexities as there are different browsers who interpret the Javascript code in different ways.

As I have always preferred to write only as few lines of Javascript as I can, I found JQuery to be an interesting choice. I have just taken a look into the documentation and wish to use it in a future project.

One thing about JQuery is, the code looks a little hard to read to me in some cases. The use of anonymous methods and callbacks should be standardized and I suggest, its better to write and refer to actual methods instead of the unreadable anonymous methods all around.

You may wish and take a look at JQuery at for more!